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Types of Sitelinks

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Types of Sitelinks:
1. Organic Sitelinks
2. One-line sitelinks
3. Sitelinks search box
4. Paid Sitelinks

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Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2022 12:17 pm
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The sitelinks most people are familiar with are those that Google generates automatically in response to certain queries. These sitelinks appear with the top organic search result and can vary, depending upon the type of query and what Google identifies as the user intent. The links also depend upon Google’s understanding of the site structure and what might help users navigate the site more easily.

The other main type of sitelinks are those that people can add to the Google Ads promotions they create. Google offers a sitelink extension that people can use to include additional links within their ad.

This extension makes it easy for people to offer a more varied ad with more options for customers to click on the material that appears the most helpful for them.

Posted : 24/02/2022 6:47 am