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What are the challenges of B2B sales?

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Do you know that 40% of businesses will fall short of their sales targets in 2021? No, not because of their poor sales skills. Instead, this is a result of how complicated sales are becoming year after year and how new sales challenges are emerging for us to conquer.

Topic starter Posted : 25/09/2022 12:10 pm
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Top Challenges in B2B Sales:

  • Undefined Sales Process
  • Lack of Content
  • Prolonged Sales Cycle
  • Data Overload
  • Lack of Customer Confidence
  • Poor Customer Retention or Expansion
  • Technological Deficiency
  • Lack of Training
Posted : 30/10/2022 2:19 pm
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One of the top challenges in B2B sales is overcomplicating the sales pitch with too much data. It can lead to wasted time, money, and resources. Although a content marketing strategy effectively maintains interest, decision-makers often become overwhelmed with the amount of data and features presented. 

Posted : 18/12/2022 2:33 pm