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What the Best Marketing Tools Would Be These Days

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Any person with enough experience with Internet Marketing will tell you, that by far, the most important element when facing the challenge to do businesses online is the right raw material as information. Specifically, the keywords or keyword phrases that your targeted audience is looking in a steady way currently. What problem are they looking to solve that you would be able to help with?

For instance, if you have some puppies that you want to sell, you will find very useful to learn that the most recent data, shows that the keyword phrase "puppies for sale" receives 134,451 searches per day. Very nice uh?? You are probably making a plan on using that as a title for your articles and videos right?... However, the same tool that I used to bring back that information also tells me that you would have 4,460,000 competing pages. Not so good. You would need to spend a lot in time and money with very little chance to get ranking on the search engines.

The good thing is, that there are a lot of good keyword phrases that you would be able to use apart from the general "puppies for sale". You need to use longer keyword phrases. The most specific the better. For example, the same tool is showing many more keywords more targeted and receiving a healthy attention.

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2010 6:08 am
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Re: What the Best Marketing Tools Would Be These Days

If we talk about web2.0 then the most powerful web2.0 marketing tools are Senuke and Xrumer but they are expensive. Compared to Xrumer, SEnuke is very popular, I love it if for nothing else other than the massive amounts of time it saves me. There is also bookmarking deamon and bookmarking wiz.

Posted : 23/07/2010 5:18 am