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Want to be rich?

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In this world everyone wants to be rich within no time and without doing any hard work. I also want to go the same way. I belong to a middle class family and the whole life of my parents has been spent on earning livelihood. I don’t want to repeat the same story and my dream is to give my parents a luxurious life with all of the comforts they had ever seen. I think my dream can come true by online business but I am unable to find out the best offer or opportunity all over the web. If anyone of you has any idea about online business and offer, then please make me aware of that.

Topic starter Posted : 27/10/2009 5:53 am
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Re: Want to be rich?

no i don't want to be rich..want to live simple life with my family what i am right now...more rich more problems. because rich person can have money not love & emotions

Posted : 25/11/2009 9:15 am