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Using A Blog or Website for Effective Internet Marketing

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Using A Website Or Blog In Internet Marketing

Now after you have decided on your business plan and strategy, you should then think of how I am going to get my product out there. Well before you can do anything else you will have need a website or a blog like WordPress or Blogger to send your clients to. Now you can make you own website which is what I do, but I took an online class to learn that in the 1990's or you can buy a program, like some I list in the resources section. You can hire someone to make your site. There is free ways like a blog, but WordPress needs hosting, blogger is free at least for now.

Use A Blog Or Website?

The one thing about blogs that is different than having a website is a blog you will constantly need to add post or new content to it. Where a website you don't have to depending on what you are trying to sell. A product type store that sells golf will constantly be adding new products to it. Now if you sell information like an e-book then you just have to make a good sales page or sales letter and get links going to it. This should be apart of you internet marketing business plan and strategy. I think you should have both a blog and website myself. The more thing you can get to you sales funnel the better.

Things Your Will Need For Your Website.

Now, in a webpage you will need to have a couple things. A domain name that is relevant to your niche or product and a hosting service. These will cost money. It is a minimal expense depending on the service you use.

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Re: Using A Blog or Website for Effective Internet Marketing

It is really an informative post.thanks for sharing your views.
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