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List Building Internet Marketing Trends

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With so many emerging internet marketing trends in list building, we can't run from the fact that the simplest way to build your list is to provide your readers something of real value to them. Here are some great ideas of stuff you can offer them in exchange for their emails:

1) Free 5 figure launch money making report
If you've pulled some successful launches before, give them a free report on how you generated 5 figures in X number of days. People love to see what works and want something they can emulate immediately on their existing businesses.

2) Free Viral PDF
Who doesn't like free stuff? Give them something of real value, such as how you grew your business empire to 1000% in 2 weeks using specific methods. Have a compelling story or angle to it, that will make them remember and then ask them to share it with their friends.

3) 2 Week E-course
This is coming to be a hot internet marketing trend. A lot of internet marketers offer free information related to their niches spread out a time frame. This is where your can provide value over a course of time, establish a relationship with your list and also sell them stuff which you feel might be useful for them.

4) Private Label Rights Package
Another hot marketing trend is to give them private label rights to a free product which they can brand themselves as the author, edit the contents and sell it for money. Most people hate product creation and by giving them something they can use almost immediately to benefit their business, they will reward you for it.

5) Interviews
Simply interview 10 experts in your niche about stuff related to your target audience and you have a free report that people will definitely opt in for. Be sure to offer the interviewees something in return such as backlinks, because the most fundamental question is - What is in it for them?

6) Free E-Book Covers, Buttons, Designs Or Internet Marketing Tools
Like I mentioned earlier, everyone loves free stuff that they can use immediately for their businesses. If you can provide them with something valuable that they can use straight away, they will turn into your loyal subscribers.

So this article has just outlined a few good internet marketing trends in list building via opt in pages or boxes. At the rate of growth of the internet, it is good to always stay on top of the trends to see if we can apply anything new to our businesses.

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