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The optimization of the error on SEO

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SEO optimization method for if, then to the site operation and marketing of useful, but if your SEO operation method beyond some rules or are not in proper ways to carry out, it will be in the adverse to web site even harmful. Today we take a look at some of the place where the most taboo SEO, hope everyone YouZeGaiZhi!

1, first is to buy space problems, don't cheat the site in the same server. Buy before the space, to the space do some detailed investigations and understanding, get IP address, check the same IP address what the web site, if most of the site was not search engine included, then do not consider this space.

2, the content of originality, search engine is more XiXinYanJiu, if a web site's content on the network repeatability is stronger, ranking must also have not good, collect the website although be baidu collected, but after included will be gradually k off, and afterwards do original article, also have no fish. So, we collected in the work to do the modification, the content and the title should pay attention to.

3, content and the theme of the website is not consistent. Then I would like to teach you a method, the content page is sure that your title and the title of the web site, it is in the site's ranking will be helpful.

4. The title of the page don't change frequently. An unstable website baidu wouldn't like that. So, a but establish good titles don't often has changed.

5. Page full animation (FALSH or dynamic picture). Although Flash and pictures to absorb force, but is not relative to the users' demand and the part of the search engine. The spider is not read the Flash content.

6. The choice of key words wrong. Select key words must choose traffic flow, users of high attention, even if the key words in the second row pages are also the key words than attention low row in the home page, good effect, will bring the great flow to a website.

7. The keywords stack. I think the key words appear times front page had better not beyond twice, otherwise there will be suspected of cheating, especially new sites, should try to avoid doing too obvious optimization.

8. No patience. We have all seen the movie a watched pot never boils, "more haste, less speed, do SEO must have patience, have good attitude, new sites just started to baidu included can be very slow, we will play a protracted war that is the necessary!

This paper by Chinese holidays to share

Topic starter Posted : 20/01/2012 6:10 am
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Re: The optimization of the error on SEO

I think when you go for shared hosting then all the sites share common hosting server it may possible that you have the same Server IP but if you have two different sites you need to make sure that all the sites assigned a different IP address. Panda update has changed the way people use to care about content. The biggest difference is seen based on the content in the SERP and leave no choice except having original unique content.

Posted : 31/01/2012 9:08 am