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From the view of the different website seo optimization

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Every website promoter, all involved in the promotion and station standing optimize the two aspects of work. For the website SEO optimization is concerned, if we want to understand and experience from points of it, then you should from many Angle to experience, only in this way, can the most comprehensive feel it, below we from the function, technology and value these three aspects to simple explanation.

Firstly analyzes the function point of view. The function point of view is the basic function of goods and additional functions. Basic functions such as washing machine in the laundry, additional features such as washing machine of drying, disinfection. SEO is the basic function of what? I think deeply about that, is competition, beyond the opponent's competition. From a certain Angle may be defined as the basic function of SEO is in the engine in retrieval website owners get help relative to the competition advantages in competition.

Second analysis technique Angle. View similar BoLun of washing machine technology, roller, and other basic technology principle, and fuzzy control, such as the constant magnetic technology innovation. Technical Angle is the most common people understand the point of view of seo, people talked about seo, often refers to the "search engine optimization technology". Network promotion ever to have such a seo definition: "refers to follow the principle of search engine to search, website structure, web site written language and interaction between foreign and slightly reasonable planning deployment, to improve the site in the search engine's performance, and to enhance customer search found and visit the site of the possibility of such a process. Seo is also a scientific development view and methodology, it along with the search engine's development, but also promote the development of the search engine." This is a very complete definition.

Value, nothing to it, actually good explanation, and before we all have, network marketing and promotion and optimization of all is all the work for marketing and service, is to achieve the marketing and take measures and means, so, the value of SEO optimization is very obvious. The key is we need to make the formal analysis and contrast method, select the maximum value of the way to carry out our work. This paper by chinese holidays to share

Topic starter Posted : 20/01/2012 5:40 am