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Renting Pages from power Sites

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This method is not frequently mentioned, but can be tremendously valuable. The basis is to rent, for a monthly fee, a page hosted on a better or more authoritative site in your industry. You then add content & links on the page to your own site(s) with the anchor text you opt and in the format you select. These are roughly like 'advertorials' in magazines, where you offer content that the site links to (optimistically not more than 2 links from the homepage) and then link back to your own website.

The fundamental dissimilarity among this policy and simple and easy article hosting is that you approach a site or concern that doesn't usually host other people's content about having your information. Though rejection is often likely, the benefits can be phenomenal, as the page itself may rank well for your search terms very rapidly.

Topic starter Posted : 28/03/2012 5:23 am