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Promoting Clickbank Products 101

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In choosing a product it’s vital to pay attention to 4 facts.

Four of these facts are a part of the product description and are as follows:

$ Sales- This points to how much your commission amount will be for every affiliate sale

% Sales- This percentage refers to the percentage of the product sales price $/Sale represents (The $Sales is usually more important)

% Refd - This percentage refers to the percentage of the sales of the product coming from affiliate sales

Grav- The Gravity of a product is a measure of how many affiliates are promoting it. This is usually one of the most important factors in deciding to promote a certain product.

However, the far most important basis for choosing a clickbank affiliate product is the conversion rate. The conversion rate simply implies to how many visitors out of a certain number buy the product. So for example, if 2 out of every 200 visitors to a sales page buys the product, then ultimately you end up having a 2% conversion rate.

The question that can be nagging though is how do you find what the conversion rate for a product is? Well by looking at products in the Clickbank market, you can identify certain key aspects.

1.) “Gravity”& it’s Significance : As mentioned before, the gravity is the measure to how many affiliates are promoting a product. Every clickbank product is marked by a “gravity” number, which is often on the far right, under the product title. This “Gravity” number represents how well the clickbank product is converting for affiliates. Therefore, the higher the gravity number, the better the product is converting. Also, it is important to avoid extremely high gravity numbers as these indicate an extremely high competition, so aiming for a gravity number of (example) 71.43 to 125.22 would be a good idea. This would mean the product has proven itself but the competition is low enough to still succeed in. As well, attempt to find a refund rate that is lower than 3% or 2% as this will also increase the chances of not getting refunds and keeping profit.

2.) Merchant’s Sales Copy: Questions to keep in mind is how good is the sales copy? Will it convert as much as you would like? Are the colors annoying, or are they subtle and engaging enough to make sales and get the point across? Overall, its important to have an idea of the sales page as to whether it will attract attention from the buyers perspective.
3.) Other Key factors in deciding if a Clickbank Product is a great fit:

a.) Make sure the $/Sale is greater than $20. If this number is lower than that it will be tough to profit from techniques such as Google Adwords or other paid advertising.
b.) As mentioned before shoot for gravity that is anywhere between 50 or 70 between 100 to 120. Anything lower than these numbers would indicate that this certain product isn’t popular enough and will not sell well. In addition, any numbers higher than 100 will indicate that this product is too popular and thus the competition is ridiculously high.

Just knowing the basics of the Clickbank MarketPlace can be a starting point in finding high converting products.

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Re: Promoting Clickbank Products 101

Thank you for such informative post. I am about to research and try the affliate marketing. I hope I can be as successful as some of here.

Posted : 14/07/2010 7:13 am