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Internet Marketing for professional services- Easy as 1-2-3

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Visit hundreds of internet marketing sites these days. They will tell you all the hundreds, if not thousands of ideas and ways they can sell you some service to have you making gazillions of revenues through the internet. Half before lunch, ok, it's tough, so it might take you until after lunch to get the other half of the gazillion! Yeah, right!

What they won't tell you is the cold hard truth. Being successful on the internet takes a special blend of many ingredients. These include time, education, experience, luck, and yes--money.
Every day, I see more and more potential internet marketers who have obviously cut corners, rushing to market a product hastily put together, poor marketing techniques, you name it.

Aside from having a lot of money, to begin with, experience shows that gaining experience and educating yourself about internet marketing topics are the Number One areas that anyone wanting to get started needs to focus on. In reality, the more one learns about marketing on the internet, the more they realize that you are just touching the surface! And with the continuing advances in technology, it's changing every day!

Ok, admit -- Internet marketing is NOT EASY! It is not a piece of cake or the proverbial bed of roses. Now that we have admitted that part, what can be done then to advance or more accurately to accelerate the process? Here are a few tips that have helped my learning curve:

Treat your growth to frequent "library time" on the internet. That is to say, just like going to a traditional library, you need to set aside some "quiet time" to surf the net with the express purpose of reading as much as possible about internet marketing topics. Simple searches on any of the major search engines will give you lots and lots of subjects that you can explore.

Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2017 3:39 am
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From the start, set up specific goals for yourself and your growth efforts. These should be short term, mid-range and longer term goals designed to continuously improve your knowledge. The quicker you become knowledgeable and fluent with internet marketing, the sooner you will be having customers anxious to buy your latest products and advice.

Obtain as much written literature and information on these topics as possible. Ideally, FREE information whenever possible. One fabulous resource for the full range and breadth of IM topics is Dotcomology. I personally use it on a continuing basis as a reference guide. You can get your copy absolutely free at the InternetMarketingUSA website.

Posted : 14/08/2017 3:03 am
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Find and locate programs that include websites (already designed or customized for you) as a part of the program. Getting your own website on a reputable website hosting service is imperative.

Outsource portions of your work to supplement your own knowledge or expertise. Don't be afraid to use the expertise of others to accelerate your website capabilities. This is an ideal way to get your success on a fast track. Keep in mind you must shop around for reputable and low-cost providers.

Get your very own newsletters and ezines going as soon as possible. The sooner you begin to share what you have learned, the sooner you will get your name and company "on the internet map". There is a multitude of benefits for this approach. To say the least, this is a great investment of your limited time.

Posted : 28/10/2017 6:04 am
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One core thing all professional service companies should be doing is inbound marketing by offering a book or tool to their prospects

Posted : 21/11/2017 5:42 pm