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Types of web hosting services

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Types of web hosting services are:
1. Managed Hosting - In managed hosting, the service provider owns and operates servers leased to a customer. The provider is responsible for server management, backup services, software maintenance, security, technical support and more. Rackspace is an example of a managed hosting provider.
2. Cloud Hosting - With cloud hosting, the service provider supplies a private, public or hybrid cloud, and the customer pays for system time and storage. Cloud capacity can be scaled up or down, depending on a customer’s compute needs. Leading cloud hosting providers include Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.
3. Colocation Facilities - A colocation facility hosts a company’s servers and provides an Internet connection, a power supply and a climate-controlled environment. Most colocation facilities are owned and operated by a local provider.
4. Private Virtual Server - A service provider hosts a customer’s website on its own private virtual server, thereby physically isolating it from the websites of other customers. Managed hosting providers, cloud hosting providers and colocation facilities all offer private virtual servers.

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