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What is Hyper-automation?

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Hyper-automation is a complete end-to-end automation using the power of many technologies, including but not limited to Robot Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate work. It starts with RPA and enhances automation capabilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI), process mining, analytics and other such advanced tools. Hyper-automation gives everyone in an organization a high-speed path to be an integral part of transformation, supported by automating more and more complex work that relies on insights and inputs from people.

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Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms, including: Artificial intelligence (AI)

Posted : 09/01/2022 12:37 pm
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Hyperautomation is a framework and set of advanced technologies for scaling automation in the enterprise; the ultimate goal of hyper-automation is to develop a process for automating enterprise automation.

Hyperautomation provides a framework for the strategic deployment of various automation technologies (including RPA) separately or in tandem and augmented by AI and machine learning.

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