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The art and science of management??

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IT management can be approached from multiple perspectives and levels. When looking at the reality and vision of the approaches there are two particular aspects that are interesting: the art and science of management.The science side of management tends toward the analytical, as well as relying on technology. Technologies such as root cause, statistical analysis that is used to predict behavior, the likelihood of something happening, or filtering out extraneous data, are all part of the science of management.We can be thankful for the technological advances that management vendors have brought to IT organizations. Advances such as analytics and built-in intelligence have added sophistication and automation to their tools.However, some management solutions are somewhat hamstrung because they are stuck on a path that may have been influenced by the legacy of their products, or sometimes developers can get stuck in a certain mindset. And that is where the art in management can step in.

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Re: The art and science of management??

Art and science is the two sides of a same coin of management.
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Posted : 24/02/2010 1:11 pm