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How to Beat the Recession??

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Hello friends

The following steps will help you to achieve this:
1)Vision:We're all painfully aware by now of the marked contrast between the leadership demonstrated in our own country and that of Barack Obama.
2)Strive for Success:Study the success of others. To be a smart businessperson, you need to study smart businesses. Smart businesspeople ask a lot of questions, keep their eyes wide open and adapt good ideas whenever they can.
3)Communication:President Obama has also re-emphasised the power of oratory and the advantages of effective communication, demonstrating how it helps to build trust and confidence.
4)Performance:Manage your staff performance. What is happening at the moment is that some staff are staying late in the office just to give the appearance that they are working hard.
5)Finances:Cutting costs in what seems like the easiest way might look good on paper. But a series of less tough measures might work better than one drastic one by giving you room for manoeuvre if your other efforts pay off and business begins to pick up.

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Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2010 7:15 am