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Consumer rights and responsibilities in business

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Consumer protection movements have evolved and grown worldwide in the past few decades. This global drive to protect and uphold consumer interests is amply reflected in the guidelines adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1985 (Resolution 39/248) for the protection of consumer rights, and in the efforts of international organization such as Consumer International. Consumer protection movements reflect the social and cultural patterns and attitudes of a given society in which they operate, as well as promote good market practices and a sustainable consumption patterns. Consumer movements not only protect consumer rights, but also aim to educate the consumers about their responsibilities and build a more equitable and fair society.

CRCP shares the vision of Consumer International and endorses consumer guidelines and responsibilities prescribed by it and by the UN General Assembly. CRCP perceives its role not only as defending the rights of the consumer but more importantly towards achieving a clear social understanding about what it means to be consumer. It strives for the emergence of an organized consumer movement through building a broad base of informed and responsible consumers. CRCP endeavors to support the consumers to come out of the prevailing inertia and play a more active role in deciding their consumption patterns to effect long-term socio-economic change and achieve sustainable development.

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Re: Consumer rights and responsibilities in business

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