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Strategies for Getting Repeat Customers

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Hi friends their are 5 strategies for getting repeat customer.
1. Effective Marketing - which brings visitors to your website
2. Quality Content - your marketing works, and you've got an audience. Now you need to give a good first impression: do they like what you're selling, and the prices you're selling them at? Are they presented in a clear way? How is the overall presentation of the website?
3. Strong Trust Factor - they found you, like your products and prices, but they need to trust you now before buying anything.
4. Usability - they found you, they like your products, they trust you, now
how easy is it to actually BUY
5. Taking Care of Your Customers - they found you, they liked your products, they trust you, they could easily buy your products. Now can you get them to buy again? Repeat business is a wonderful thing. It's a lot easier to keep a customer than trying to constantly find new ones.

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Topic starter Posted : 10/04/2010 6:18 am
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Re: Strategies for Getting Repeat Customers

Getting Repeat Customers Tip #1: Know who you are dealing with

It is best that you know who your customers are what they want and how you can assist their needs. You better make sure that your products and services are constantly updated to answer their changing needs and wants. By making sure that your products and services are regularly updated to keep up with their current needs and wants, you will more than likely to get these people as repeat customers.

Getting Repeat Customers Tip #2: Stay in touch with customers

Do not think that just because you were able to sell a product to them once that it is over, it is important that you do not sever your ties with your customers. Marketing is a never ending process; you market to new prospects all the time. But do not lose that enthusiasm if you are marketing to your existing customers.

In every business it is imperative that you build rapport and maintain your relationships by sending out personal cards or even thank you note cards to make them feel appreciated. We all want to be appreciated and of a particular business make customers feel special then for sure they will be repeat customers.

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Posted : 13/04/2010 7:09 am