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What are the factors to be considered when planning a manpower in an Organization?

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Manpower planning basically deals with coordinating, motivating and controlling the various activities within the organization.

The following are the factors affecting manpower:

  1. Exciting Stock of Manpower - By learning the location of total stock of workforce, by separating it into groups on the basis of purpose, job, level of skill or requirement, we can analyze the existing stock of manpower.
  2. Wastage - a good planning, suitable adjustment in the current stock of manpower should be made for the imaginable wastage of manpower triggered by any predictable changes in the organization.
  3. Future Manpower Requirement - We can easily measure the upcoming necessities of the workforce, after measuring the current stock of manpower and analyzing the numerous factors of wastage.
  4. Future Withdrawal of Workers - Real manpower needs that the human resource manager should take into consideration decrease in the working force in future due to retirement devaluation.
Topic starter Posted : 20/09/2021 7:45 am
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Factors affecting manpower planning are often divided between internal and external conditions. Businesses must plan for hiring, turnover, recruiting and market circumstances to guarantee that the essential work force is obtainable and skilled in their qualified occupation roles. Preserving a work force is not always easy, and economic situations often dictate what manpower is available.

Posted : 24/09/2021 11:39 am