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Business plan questions

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Our organization is under 200 people. I am just starting to learn about all the options and it seems to change over time. My understanding is that the business essentials and premium plans use exchange plan 1 which has no archiving. It seems we may need plan 2. Can you add plan 2 for the $4 difference?

Also wondered if this can be done to a mixture of essential and premium users. So an essential user would be $9 with exch2, and a premium user would be 16.50 with exch 2. This idea would be limiting the number of premium users.

Another thought is whether it may be better/worse to use an archiving service outside of 365. We currently use a barracuda with our on-premise exchange.


Topic starter Posted : 10/09/2021 8:21 pm
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What plans are you referring to in your question? Kindly explain.

Posted : 08/10/2021 3:08 pm