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Best marketing sales increase tool?

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Can anyone suggest a good and reliable product to help improve my sales? I have tried different products, but non has really worked well enough. Thanks

Topic starter Posted : 30/06/2005 3:00 pm
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This should help...

Someone sent me this address a few months back:
You will find great products that "really" work there. I have tried the products recommended in their Marketing list and they are truly excellent.

Hope this helps,
Mary K

Posted : 30/06/2005 4:50 pm
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It is hard to talk about some kind of tools until hearing about what product do you want exactly to sale?

Posted : 10/08/2005 1:01 pm
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Have you ever tried using Pay Per Call advertising? It's a new way to advertise your product/service thru online search directories and it delivers phone call leads to your business. AND you only pay when new customers call you...there's no set up costs or monthly fees. IF you don't get any calls, you don't pay anything. You can cancel anytime.

Check it out here:

Ingenio has the best Pay Per CAll service...and they will distribute your business listing across their search network that includes, AOL Yellowpages,, Infospace,, and other search directory sites. They also give you a free business listing and business description page along with a toll free phone number that will ring directly thru to your specified phone number.

You can sign up for as little as $10.00 to test it out. If you sign up with a min $10 deposit into your account, Ingenio will give you an additional $25.00. You will have $35 in your account which will give you up to 17 phone call leads ($2 per call). Worst case scenario is if you don't get any calls, then you simply don't pay anything. You can cancel and get your $10 back.

Check out their trial offer:

Or read more about it at:

Let me know if you have any questions about Pay Per Call Advertising.


Posted : 28/06/2006 11:27 pm
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Personally I recommend over 15 products depending on what you are selling and your objectives.

Email me at [email][/email] if you want to explore.

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Posted : 04/01/2009 7:29 am
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

thanks for the link. its really helpfull.

Posted : 06/01/2009 4:50 pm
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

If you're running an online business, it just doesn't make sense to blame your Internet marketing tools if you're not making the profits you want - just find some new ones!

There are so many useful and innovative pieces of software out there - free Internet marketing tools, advanced Internet marketing tools, personalized Internet marketing tools - that the problem is sorting through the thousands of options to find the ones that are just right for you.

The first step is to define your problem. What kind of Internet marketing tools do you need? This depends on the kind of business you're in, but basically you want to find something that makes your job easier. Since your computer can do a lot of work for you by automating your most common and repetitive tasks, put it to
link building companies

Posted : 11/09/2009 8:50 am
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

Want to have an unending, high-volume stream of traffic coming to your website? Simply be first on a Google search of a popular keyword! I kid of course - being first on Google for a popular keyword is not an easy task. Here's some tips to help you get there:

1. While not as important as it once was, ensuring your website has appropriate meta tags is still worthwhile. Identifying no more than 7-10 keywords per page in the keyword meta tag is preferable to letting the search engines decide what keywords are important for your page. Also, the description meta tag will allow you to control what piece of text search engines display from your website on search listings.
2. For each page of your website, your keywords should make up 2-3% of the words. If they do not then search engines assume your pages are not related to your keywords - this is bad!
3. There's little to gain by optimizing your website for a next-to-no volume keyword. Conversely, discovering a high-volume keyword related to your industry (and that your potential clients use) that your competitors aren't optimizing for can be a great advantage!

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Posted : 23/10/2009 4:39 am
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

Hello to all

1 - Review for Current and Correct Content All information listed should be 100% current including:
* Contact name
* Cell phone
* Email
* Website
* Physical location (optional)
2 - Use Color to Maximize the Message Color plays an important part in communication. Red, yellow and orange are considered hot colors and fire up the emotions. The colors of blue, green and purple are emotionally cooler.
3 - Keep Graphics Simple The graphics within your professional business card include the logo as well as the fonts.
4 - Use Both Sides One side of your professional business card is for the information listed in the first way. The other side is for your Call to Action. Do not make the mistake of leaving one side blank or for your fancy logo.

Thanks for sharing


Posted : 31/10/2009 3:53 am
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Re: Best marketing & sales increase tool?

Hello to all

1)Email: One of the most powerful Internet marketing tools you can have in your arsenal is an email management program or service.
2)Site optimization tools: Whether you're already making a ton of money online or just getting started, EVERYONE needs a second opinion.
3)Website creation: If you've got a website up and running, you probably didn't write the HTML code from scratch - you either got someone to do it for you, or you made it with a program like Dreamweaver, InDesign, or Front Page.

Thanks for sharing

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Posted : 02/11/2009 8:43 am