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4 Key Content Marketing Trends for 2023

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Read on to find out more about these key trends:

Short-form immersive mobile-first video
An explosion in the creator economy
Artificial Intelligence and marketing collaboration
Long-form and live video content

Topic starter Posted : 06/02/2023 2:35 am
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In 2023, content marketing is evolving (in new and wonderful ways that build on the content and SEO trends in 2022). It’s not just about looking at the formats you should use to engage your audience (long and short-form) or the emergence of TikTok as an effective marketing platform, but an acceleration of marketers using AI to increase productivity and combat the dreaded writer’s block - especially when you’re a busy content marketer writing a lot of copy.

Posted : 19/02/2023 2:14 pm
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Trends That Will Shape Content Marketing In 2023

  • Interactive Content Marketing
  • Put Emphasis on Better Content Experience (CX)
  • Leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Drive Conversions
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Personalization and Hyper-personalization Strategies
  • Video Content
  • Leveraging an Empathetic Content Marketing Strategy
Posted : 29/03/2023 4:10 pm