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What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

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Hello Everyone..

Can anyone tell me is there any benefits for buying Seo Articles?

Feel free to share your answers.All answers will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.


Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2011 6:32 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

NONE. I'd rather have you hire an article writer for your website than to buy those SEO articles out there. Those articles may not completely be relevant to your site and most of them probably has some kind of spinned version or a duplicate one. If you can't write for your own products or services, hire someone who can analyze your products and really get to know it so you can come up with better content.

Posted : 08/09/2011 9:42 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

You will get a better search engine ranking through the search engine optimized content the article writer creates for your site. A SEO content expert will do the legwork for you, and research the market to include the most popular and profitable keywords.

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Posted : 23/03/2012 5:17 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

JohnyWalter2 - I'd agree 100% with his reply.

The search engines like to see fresh content being added to your site, the site is alive and providing its audience with new informaiton.
This is a factor when they rank your site, as opposed to a site that has not changed in the last few years.

I've been taught to add soemthing at least once a month, this is where having a blog on your site perfect for the task.

Get your articles written for you by a professional writer if you don't want to do it yourself.
I would personally recommend for $3 an article or $5 if you allocate the task to one of your preferred writers, which you will get to know the good ones after a few jobs.

Focus your articles around the problems that your customers are dealing with, then creat how-to articles on how to solve it and your product/service coudl form part of the solution.

Car paint job is fading and needs a polish.

Step them through the type of polishing cloth to use, avoid the other types & why.
Then again with the polish, anf the types to avoid & why.
Tips on how to do it quicker with a power tool.

Brett Olson

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Posted : 23/03/2012 5:43 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

Lets say if you read an article and you were interested in it, you would want to click the link if it was available. So it definitely gives you information and make you click if you like what you just read.

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Posted : 24/03/2012 11:45 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

There is no need of buying SEO articles, just hire writers from Odesk or other freelancing sites.

Posted : 15/04/2012 6:33 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

I think Benefits of buying SEO Articles is provide good and unique content. It is helpful to view of SEO.

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Posted : 16/04/2012 7:36 am
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

All you need to have is a good original article, which helps in SEO . You can put some links of your website in that article and publish those articles to the article submission sites.

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Posted : 25/04/2012 10:01 pm
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

Article can prove to be a great source of inbound links. Only careful to provide high-quality and fresh content for articles. If you are a very short time, you can hire a content writer for the purpose.

Posted : 27/04/2012 12:44 pm
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Re: What are the benefits of buying SEO Articles?

When there is a curious requirement of bulk content, then buying articles can be the most appropriate option. The businesses rely on the traffic of their page and if there is a good traffic, there is a good business too. But many SEOs complain about the validity and quality of the online content available. When there is the requirement of both quality and quantity, there is a chance that the online bought content can bring some of the flaws in the quality. Standards get compromised and if the readers start focusing, there is a chance that the search engines clear out there rejection of the page. There are some important things to consider, if an SEO wants to get some extensive and high quality material.

1 If once you are satisfied with any outsourced content, try to build a permanent relationship with the outsourcer. As if there are any projects in the future he will provide the same quality content and with a good discount in the offer. There is a often a time when SEOs become frantic on finding the right content, as they are not able to link to any authentic outsourcer. In this matter the old outsourcer is the key area where the right material can be taken.

2 If you have found any new outsourcer don’t give a blind faith, as there is a chance that the content is plagiarized. Try use the plagiarism checking softwares, which detects the content if there is found any plagiarism in it.

3 Don’t transfer your money to the outsourcer until you are fully satisfied with the whole bulk of the content. There is a chance that some of the content is having errors, just adding your editor the task to check all the mistakes. If you find any errors or small or big flaws, return the content and buy it from somewhere else where you get the right quality content.

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Posted : 07/05/2012 7:13 am