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Traffic exchange websites increases bounce rate

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Kindly tell me that what are the benefits of traffic exchange websites. Someone told me that traffic exchange websites increases the bounce rate. is it true.

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Topic starter Posted : 24/10/2011 6:26 am
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Re: Traffic exchange websites increases bounce rate

Yes bounce rate will increase, because after exchanging traffic if your website doesn't meet visitors requirement then automatically they leave your website without spending a moment.

Posted : 25/10/2011 9:21 am
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Re: Traffic exchange websites increases bounce rate

Yes they do actually. You want the benefit of traffic exchange sites? there are NONE. well, they may increase your traffic for a specific period but it wont really do anything in terms of sales or anything for your ROI (returns of investments) and yes, it will only increase your bounce rate since it will send untargeted traffic to your site. What in the world do you think a guy looking for shoes do in a swimming site

Posted : 25/10/2011 11:06 am