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Rivalry or Not, Yahoo Now Working With YouTube!

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Today, Yahoo rolled out one of the most impressive updates ever released which is supposed to lure more users to its search engine. Yahoo Search received all kinds of updates, The Yahoo rival Google tried a similar market strategy when it included third-party video sharing services support in Google Video and allowed the product to display clips from those technologies straight into its results. However, Yahoo is a little bit more enthusiastic and inserted the others' videos directly into its main search technology along with pictures provided by Flickr.
from new features to interface updates so I guess the Sunnyvale super giant really wants to challenge Google and its famous search engine. But besides all these improvements, Yahoo also added YouTube interoperability by implementing YouTube clips straight into the results. This is a pretty nice update if we think YouTube is the most popular online video sharing service on the web and Yahoo surely knows it. However, besides YouTube, Yahoo search is able to provide clips from several other video services, including Metacafe and its own Yahoo Video.

"We've also spent some time focused on how we could improve our algorithmic results to deliver a better multi-media search experience. When your search results include links to videos from YouTube, Metacafe or Yahoo! Video, in addition to the link you get an inline video player so you can watch those videos immediately," Tim Mayer, Yahoo! Search, proudly announced today.

Moreover, Yahoo's famous online photo sharing service Flickr now provides imagery for the Yahoo Search queries as its images are included straight into the SERP. "Our multi-media improvements include inline Flickr photos too. When a Flickr photo or tag shows up in your results, you get to see those great photos in addition to getting a link," the Yahoo official added.
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