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redirecting to another server

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hi im hoping someone could help me im trying to redirect traffic to another server thats closer to them like google does when you type in .com you get redirectesd to your local one for me its basically i have large content on the site and viewers in america can view it fine as its hosted there, do i have to host one in europe too so they can have a faster download speed for the website if so what is the best option for me and how can i redirect european views to the european server. thanks in advance for all your help, hope someone can help.

Topic starter Posted : 05/07/2008 8:08 pm
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Re: redirecting to another server

Redirecting to another server is very useful. Google search is the best example for redirecting to another server. if we don't know the full url then u can search in google then it is redirecting to the particular server.



Posted : 28/07/2008 10:22 am
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Re: redirecting to another server

Redirecting a web page can be done in many ways, languages, and sides (both client and server).
Generally, it's better to redirect a web page on the server side, as you will not depend on the (to you unknown) browser.
Using language such as C, Perl, PHP, or JavaScript permits you to make a redirection conditional.
Using Apache permits you to redirect one or more pages using one single regular expressions.
That is, There Is Always More Than One Way To Do It.

The following note applies to all redirect methods, both client and server (taken from the Perl's CGI man page):

One hint I can offer is that relative links may not work
correctly when you generate a redirection to another
document on your site. This is due to a well-intentioned
optimization that some servers use. The solution to this
is to use the full URL (including the http: part) of the
document you are redirecting to.

(A relative redirection works on Apache, but you get a warning message in your log.)


Posted : 21/10/2009 5:47 am