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PPC Success Stories.

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Just wondering. I know ppc can create a lot of traffic but, does anyone make a profit other then large corporations. I ‘d like to hear some ppc success stories if any out there.

Topic starter Posted : 09/03/2010 5:12 am
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Re: PPC Success Stories.

It can be infinitely frustrating dealing with clients who only want consultative SEO. In other words, they want a full site audit, with all the trappings, as well as a comprehensive list of recommendations based on ease of implementation and importance due to potential rankings impact….
…BUT, they (the client) choose whether or not to actually implement the changes – all or any – and sometimes you spend days doing a top-notch, detailed audit… and never see anything come of it. (Not for lack of pushing, cajoling, enticing etc… it just gets, ‘put on the backburner’, ‘delayed until budget becomes available’, ‘focusing marketing dollars elsewhere’ etc…etc)
In most cases they eventually end up implementing at least some of the changes – not ideal, but better than nothing – but every now and then you have a star client who not only implements everything, but actively seeks your consul throughout the process to double check…. THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!
Case in point; client starts implementing changes immediately, but cautiously. Client takes innocuous ‘About Us’ page for a test drive. Client utilizes recommended keywords and all recommended onpage elements, and initiates a backlink campaign for the page based on a (very comprehensive) backlink acquisition strategy guide. Four weeks after ‘optimized’ page goes live they call and ask to check the analytics.

Posted : 17/03/2010 5:10 am