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How you can use Google Analytic to measure performance of your website?

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As we all know Google analytic is free tools which you can use to see how well your website is performing or to measure the effectiveness of your different promotional campaign and benefits you are getting. Here I am going to mention some quick ways to do it
From bounce rate you can see how much visitors visits your website and don’t show further interest. You can try to analyze and can see if technically there is any error in coding.

Now it has added a new feature of website speed which you can use to see how much time different pages of your website take to load.

Traffic source would give you ideas on how many visitors came from different website you have been using for advertisement or promotion of your business and actual ROI.

With goals set up you would be able to monitor the exact conversion you would get on your website and traffic sources from where visitors came and finish the conversion.

IN page analytic would provide you detailed data on each and every thing present on your website and give you real time data on how visitors have viewed and navigate throughout your website.

Topic starter Posted : 01/02/2012 9:50 am
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Re: How you can use Google Analytic to measure performance of your website?

It can give a lot of data and some of the things that I usually look into are:

  • product performance
  • page performance
  • keyword conversions
  • etc.

and the best thing of it all is that you can compare data MOM or YOY (month to month or year to year) to get a good view on how your pages and your products are performing.

Posted : 01/02/2012 10:20 am