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Fix QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working Problem [Solved]

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QuickBooks is accounting software used by many big and medium sized company in order to maintain their financial records. Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor is an exceptional tool which fixes glitches and some errors. Sometimes, this File Doctor also shows errors due to many reasons. Now questions comes in mind that what should you do at this situation? In this pdf we have given the solution steps for QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working. You need to follow these quick steps given below. Following are the steps to fix QB File Doctor Problem-

  1. Download the most updated QuickBooks File Doctor version.
  2. Search the tool in your Desktop or locate it.
  3. Make sure when your file is located that you have active Internet Connection.
  4. Now click on the File Doctor icon and install it by following the instructions.
  5. Crosscheck whether the software you have installed is USA made. 6. You must login to the system by name administrator.
  6. Disable the multi user mode.
  7. Make sure that hosting is turned on, if you are on Network server. 9. If you are working on workstation then you can skip the above process.
  8. Configure Firewall and make sure that port 8019 is accessible by the tool and other QB application on the client and server.
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