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Blogging Question

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I have a question regarding blogs to help a website with SEO. I asked this on another forum, but no one seems to be able to answer it. Does anyone know if a subdomain of the site would have the SEO benefits or would it have to be the same domain?

For instance my website is, but if I was to start a blog at would I see any SEO benefits or does it need to be part of the same domain? Obviously there would be links back to the main website from the blog, but would it be more beneficial to just have it or does it not matter?

In case anyone is wondering why I want to do the subdomain route, I would like to use wordpress, but don't want to use wordpress for my main site, just the blog part.

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Topic starter Posted : 06/10/2011 3:43 pm
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Re: Blogging Question

I'd rather advice you to have a instead of that as subdomains are like a totally different website from the main domain. But, in terms of things not SEO, I wouldn't really measure any of them (subdomain or folder structure) as they wont really matter for the readers. it is the content they want.

Posted : 13/10/2011 9:50 am
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Re: Blogging Question

In my suggestion it is good to use, which is SEO friendly and easy to remember.

Posted : 13/10/2011 10:06 am