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Advertising With Sizzle Cards

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A powerful technique to use to generate leads for your business is Drop Card or Sizzle Card Marketing. I use them for my business.

Let me describe Drop Cards / Sizzle Cards and how to use them in your marketing efforts. The Drop Cards / Sizzle Cards look and feel like and feel like a real paper note. They come in various denominations. In my tests the $100.00 creates the most lead generation.

You will need a message in your Drop Card / Sizzle Card to get people to log on to your website. Use you imagination.

Make sure you put your website address on your drop card. This is where you want your leads to go.

My message says "Disappointed? Don't Be. I can show you how to make 25- 30 real ones every month." and includes my web site address.

The finder of my Drop Card will then go to my website where they will see a video of me with a Drop Card and my opt-in page. I have a capture form on my website that allows me to capture visitors information so I can present them with other offers and training over time.

Here are six of the top strategies that I have found to get the cards into peoples hands.

Newspaper Machines: My routine includes hitting newspaper machines around the area, put my money in and open the machine. I then place a drop card in each newspaper in the machine. When the next person purchases a paper they get one of my sizzle cards.

Gas Stations: When I get gas, I place a sizzle card in the credit card slot of the pump. I usually don't fill up at one station; I go to several stations so I can get out more cards.

Book Stores: Go to your local bookstore and place a drop card in all the home business and self-improvement books. I have gotten many leads using this technique.

Junk Mail: I hate junk mail, so I turned it around so I love getting junk mail. Junk mail comes with postage paid envelopes. I put some sizzle cards in the envelopes and put them in the mailbox. Those envelopes go to a mail room where there are people opening the envelopes. I'm sure that some of those people are looking for something different in their lives.

Restaurants: This method has brought me the most leads. I just put a sizzle card in with the waiters or waitresses tip. This has helped me put many people into my organization.

Just Drop: I always keep a pocketful of sizzle cards so I can drop them everywhere. Just drop them in the grocery store, library, airports anywhere you can think of. Just use your imagination.

Using drop cards requires consistent action to be effective. Go out daily and try to distribute 100 sizzle cards a day. I give them to my kids and they have fun helping me distribute them.

These cards work for any business or industry, grocery stores, video rentals, repair shops, automotive, network marketing etc...

This techinique will help you build your business off line! Just be prepared to handle the leads!

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Re: Advertising With Sizzle Cards

Sizzle Cards are essentially synonymous with drop cards. With an even more recent history, the term "sizzle card" was simply coined as a marketing term to emphasize that a drop card should have a message so hot that it sizzles.

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