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A Marketing Question...

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Hello, I am planning on selling imported handmade jewelry online, but am not sure how or where to market it. What would be the best group of people to sell it to?

A little more info: It is handmade macrame necklaces and bracelets with gemstones like obsidian, jade, fossil, amber, etc. It is beautiful jewelry that I will sell for $30-50.

Who should I sell it to and how can I find them?

Also, I want to do this with little or no marketing budget. I am sure once I sell a little bit I will get repeat customers, referrals and word of mouth from friends and family of the people who order it.

Thanks for your help!


Topic starter Posted : 01/07/2010 4:47 am
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Re: A Marketing Question...

Thanks for asking your question,

A possible (PR) approach could be to give some of your jewlery to a well known Popstar (or atleast an artist that has a in fashion interested fan base) Make sure that the artist wears it during conserts, having the big shiny stage lights give them an extra sparcle and also make sure that you get a lot of photo's (BTW at my [I]Digital Camera-ideas Blog, you can find a place where you can post your photographers assignments) [/I]

As soon as you have some great photographs make sure they get into the magazines that those fashion interested fans read.

Hope this has given you any new ideas?

All the Best,
To your Happy - Small Business - Inspiration,

Posted : 09/07/2010 7:52 am
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Re: A Marketing Question...

Ok, I've thought about this a lot and have decided that a Facbook business page with a store tab will be the best way to start.

This is for three main reasons:

1) Low-budget: no advertising cost, no cost of web-hosting or store. Note: the store app on Facebook is free and they don't even charge a commission on sales (the Etsy app charges 3.5% and $0.20 per listing).

2) It's viral. Friend and family of customers. Repeat sales and gifts. It is easy to "like" and share.

3) I can start my own website with more features and customization later on and link to it from the page.

Check it out! Here's the link: Irresistible Handmade Jewelry

Be sure to "Like" my page if you like what you see (and don't be afraid to share it with your friends).

I'm open to comments or suggestions. Please post below.

Thanks and have a great day!


Topic starter Posted : 10/07/2010 9:41 pm