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Types of Business Valuation Professionals??

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They are a number of professions that offer business valuation services. In most areas there is no specific regulation of this profession. Business valuation services are not usually a primary source of revenue, so locating business valuation professionals can be difficult. Here are some types of professionals that commonly offer business valuation (BV) services.
1. CPAs. Many CPAs offer BV services in addition to their normal accounting, auditing, and tax work. CPAs often have a combination of business, accounting, finance, and tax knowledge that is well suited for valuing businesses.
2. Financial Consultants (non-CPA). Financial consultants have varying levels of expertise so their backgrounds should be checked carefully.
3. Business Brokers. Brokers normally stick to valuing the businesses they have listed for sale. They tend to rely on ‘quick and dirty’ methods that work well for determining asking prices, and are not intended to be formal valuations.
4. Commercial Real Estate Brokers/Agents. Commercial real estate professionals sometimes value businesses they list for sale. They are good at appraising real estate, but typically lack the skills and experience to properly value intangible assets like goodwill.

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