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The benifits of setting goals?

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Hello Everyone

1)Reduces Stress and Anxiety:Setting goals will allow you to worry about achieving the goals and stop you from worrying about less important issues that may be causing stress.
2)Motivation:Clearly setting and stating goals is a means to motivate yourself towards accomplishing those goals. By having definite goals, you will be motivated to work towards realizing the goal.
3)Positive Self Image:Setting goals will create a "yes I can" attitude and help to improve your self image.
4)Time Management:Setting goals will allow you to spend your time working towards your goals. Goal setting helps to eliminate wasting time on unproductive activities.
5)Eliminates Hope:Setting goals will allow you to eliminate hope and instead create determination.

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Topic starter Posted : 11/03/2010 4:40 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

Hello friends

1 - You will save time. By setting goals, you will be able to cut out a huge chunk of wasted time each day. Saving time means you'll have extra time to do more important things.

2 - You will be more productive. Setting goals helps you to determine what needs to be done and when. You'll get more things done in a fair amount of time, rather than wasting precious moments trying to figure out what hasn't been done yet.

3 - You will eliminate questions. When you have a solid list of goals, you will always be prepared. There will never be a question about tasks or appointments. You will know exactly what needs to be done and when.

4 - You will feel less stressed. Setting goals can totally eliminate the stress factor from your life. When are you most stressed? It's probably when you are unsure of what lies ahead. You can throw that stress right out the window simply by setting a few goals for yourself.

5 - You will stay on track. Goals are just a roadmap to help you get where you are going. Lay out a plan to help keep you headed in the right direction. List the steps you need to take you to where you want to be.

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Posted : 11/03/2010 7:05 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

Hello everyone,
By setting the goals we set our destination. Than we can set the paths easily for achieve that goals. and also than we also prepare for the disasters that may be needed to face on the path.
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Posted : 13/03/2010 6:07 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

By setting the goals you can set your destination. After that you can go in that direction to get the success.

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Posted : 23/03/2010 3:08 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

By setting the goals you can set the paths for achieve that goals and than you will definitely get the success.

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Posted : 30/03/2010 4:34 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

Hi all,

Here are some more benefits of goal setting.

# You will notice an increase in your energy level as you begin to live your life with passion – the passion that having a meaningful goal will give you.

# You will be in control of your life and the direction you are heading. Your life does not have to be determined by fate alone. With goals, you create your destiny.

# Goals give you a purpose in life. A reason to get up early and go to bed late.

Hope you'll like it..!!

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Posted : 30/03/2010 5:04 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?


Most of us have come across goals in the workplace, as goals form the core of your workload and provide a focus for your efforts. Goal achievement is often linked to the appraisal process and can affect your salary or your promotional opportunities.

Benefits of personal goal setting

* You get out of that rut

* You take control of your life

* Your actions match your talk

* You focus on the important things

* You are successful, regardless of what that means to other people

* Other people understand where you are coming from


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Posted : 31/03/2010 10:42 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

Team goals help establish expectations and deadlines. This subconsciously establishes the organization needed to carry out the tasks. It's impossible to expect proper organization without a goal or mission statement for the group. If your team sticks to the goals and deadlines, they become more organized and structured compared to a group that does not.
Team goals are goals you complete with more than one individual. There are several benefits and several possible problems with a team situation. Individuals must find the fine line between delegating, being sympathetic to one's needs and working together while still remaining strict and accountable. You must set the bar high to push everyone in the team, but not so high that the expectations are not realistic.

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Posted : 01/04/2010 6:58 am
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Re: The benifits of setting goals?

There are several important benefits of goal-setting. The process:
* sets a destination, daily or otherwise
* clarifies purpose
* motivates you to action
* delivers a sense of accomplishment
* provides a benchmark of success
* validates that you are successful
* builds self-esteem
* provides a clear commitment

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Posted : 06/04/2010 6:19 am