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How To Write Your Positioning Statement??

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* Write down who your business is.
* Write down what business you are in.
* Think about and write down who your company serves. Who does your target market represent?
* Brainstorm and write down what it is that your target market needs.
* Make a list of your competitors.
* Write down and explain what makes your business different from your competitors.
* Make a list of the unique benefits that derive from your product or services.
* Use the above information and in the second session focus on refining it to the final statement.
* Publish the final statement shortly after the second session ends to prevent changes, additions, and more meetings.
* Use the first session to brainstorm each question.Use the second session to focus on refinement and agreement.
* Make sure your statement is clear and defensible.Keep in mind that a statement of position expresses how your company wishes to be perceived.
* Your statement should create clarity, consistence, and continuity to the target market that your organization serves.


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Re: How To Write Your Positioning Statement??

1)Review your company's mission and vision statements to understand what sets your organization apart from others. Keep this in mind as you write your positioning statement.
2)Write a list of your customers and their individual needs and preferences. You can gather this information through various market research methods like surveys. Categorize the list of needs and wants as urgent, important and desirable.
3)Create a table listing the needs of your customers along the top and each feature of your product or service down the side. Wherever a feature of your product or service meets a need of your customers, write down how it does so in the intersecting box. Then make a similar chart about each of your major competitors.
4)Identify your distinctive positioning using the information you collect. Compare the chart of your company's services and customer needs to the charts of your competitors, and determine how your company is unique. See how you meet the most urgent needs of your customers. With this information in mind, decide on the most compelling and attractive reason for people to your company.
5)Write a concise, focused sentence as your positioning statement. It should articulate what makes your product or service unique and desirable.

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Posted : 23/02/2010 9:35 am