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Do any of you guys....

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Do any of you guys here work out? I like internet marketing, but I love to work out. It is my number one passion.:)

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Topic starter Posted : 28/01/2009 4:18 am
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Re: Do any of you guys....

I like to work out but I would not call it a passion more of an obligation my game is tennis. My passion is work.

Posted : 29/01/2009 11:32 am
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Re: Do any of you guys....

Thanks for asking,

I certainly like to work out, infact I made a special 'Photo Presentation'
about 'Joggin on the Beach' with great Photo's of the upcomming sun, that I made during a vacation on one of the Spanish Canary Islands, someting that can inspire people to 'excersize' themselves!

It is titled: 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' you can find it at:

All the Best,
To your Happy - Working out/Excersising - Inspiration,

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Posted : 29/01/2009 7:01 pm