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Difficulties to start an onlinebusiness.

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a) Lack of mentoring and self help motivation

The very first thing in success is the willingness and ability to assist yourself throughout the learning process. If you have a mentor, the better. This mentor should hold your hand and gently guide you in the right path until you are ready to walk on your own in the turbulent internet market.

b) Dynamic mindset

If you set your mind to start a business, you must stick to your initial plan if you had made proper and appropriate plans and research. When running your own business, there will be no boss to tell you what to do day in day out and you must be rigid and persistent as far as the business course plan is involved.

c) Lack of proper business planning

Starting a business with no proper business strategy or plans is as good as throwing your efforts into a bottomless pit. You must have tangible and reasonable business objectives, development strategies and all other factors that will assist you get off the ground and propel you to your ambitions. These plans and strategies must cover the business model, products, client base, target customers and website promotion and advertising methods. However, it is wise not to put any plan to action before doing proper consultation from a mentor or an experienced online business entrepreneur.

d) Training and personal development

You cannot just decide to invest in a business venture you have no clue about. Most newbies read a shallow 2 page article on home based internet businesses and think they have all it takes to be successful internet business people. The few that actually take real course and develop a classy business fail after a short time because they fail to update their knowledge base and find themselves overtaken by time.

e) Inaction

This is by far the worst trap for individuals diving into the home based online businesses. No decision is good unless it is followed by a corresponding action. Many newbies come up with great business then for one reason or another fail to put them in action. Make tangible decisions and set targets that are high enough but achievable if you ever want to make any progress.

f) Impatience

Internet businesses rake money in, but it takes time for this to happen. Some newbies get frustrated if they are in the business for one week and fail to make any sell. Patience is a virtue in this business and only the patient and persistent will get through into the success class.

Thank you

Topic starter Posted : 16/02/2010 3:49 am