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Different Kinds of Small Manufacturing Businesses

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There are organizations that promote that growth of manufacturers in order to help assist people who want to start manufacturing. Small manufacturers are needed to promote specialized and personalized product that big ones cant manufacturer because they can't profit from it. This is called niche manufacturing which operates when there is no competition from larger companies. Small manufacturing business doesn't need to tackle all aspect of the process like shipping, exporting and procurement. There are many other services that you can hire in order to assist you in different aspect like marketing, purchasing and accounting. You can also find business software and online services that allow any small business owner to use the same process same as big companies.

This is essential so you can focus on producing quality items that are required by customers. When small businesses are involved in the manufacturing industry, there are different methods that one can employ if you want to be successful. Flexible manufacturing are suitable for start up manufacturer. This is run by robot rather than people so business owners can adjust to the needs of people. With this automation, you can be able to manufacture things on precise specification in order to improve the product. The only problem with this is that you need a high cost for manufacturing equipment.

There is also continuous manufacturing when a small business manufacturer only do single product. There is only one assembly line that is not complicated at all. It is divided in different work stations. This is ideal for those who manufacture products that are not customizable. This can allow products to be produced without any modification from the customer. If your small businesses are producing products with similar type, you can adopt a method called intermittent manufacturing. You can able to select which product to produce. You can adjust production based on the fluctuating demand.

Large business often goes for custom manufacturing where they can produce products that can be customized based on the requirements of customers. There are items that can only be manufactured with this method because some can't be replicated by the machine. Small manufacturer often specialize items that used for custom manufacturing. Remember that manufacturing are not limited to large businesses. There are small businesses that are successful with this. There are niche products with few competitions so this can make anyone so profitable. A person doesn't need to know every aspect of running a business.

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Re: Different Kinds of Small Manufacturing Businesses


Here is a look at the different manufacturing systems.

Custom manufacturing:
This is probably one of the oldest manufacturing systems in the world because it goes back to when products where first made. Basically custom manufacturing is where one person has the skill that is needed to make a certain product. A great example of this type of manufacturing is a shoe maker or a candle maker; it used to be that only one person was required to make these customized products. Custom manufacturing is still used today but rather than just one person making the product that is required we have machines that will do the jobs for us. And if people are doing the manufacturing you are going to need more than one person to make the specialized product so you can keep up with the higher demands.

Intermittent manufacturing:
This is also an older style of a manufacturing system. This system was used when custom manufacturing could not meet the demands of the customers. Basically what intermittent manufacturing is would be where more than one of the same product is being made. This type of manufacturing is actually used world wide and it is a great way to make more than one product in a short amount of time, as long as the product is the same product. This type of manufacturing won't work on multiple products. A great example of this type of manufacturing is making five pairs of the same shoe rather than one custom pair of shoes.


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The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the economic productivity of a country. So there could potentially be even more manufacturing opportunities. But regardless of whether or not your plans are successful, plenty of small-scale manufacturing opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in small-scale startup ideas. Here are some small-scale manufacturing business ideas to consider.

  • Oil, Chemicals, and Plastics
  • Gadgets, Computers, and Transportation
  • Food Production
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Smartphone Accessory Maker
  • Plastic Container Manufacturer
  • Air Compressor supplier
  • Niche Snack Foods Maker
  • Hair Products Manufacturer
  • Electrical Fittings Producer
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturer

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Small Business have 4 main types of business organization.

  1. Sole proprietorship. 
  2. Partnership. 
  3. Corporation. 
  4. Limited Liability Company, or LLC.
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