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Buying a business - how to keep existing suppliers?

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HI EVERYONE! I like topic on this forum. I just wanted to say Hi to all!

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Posted : 22/11/2007 7:56 am
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Buying a business - how to keep existing suppliers?

I'm thinking of buying a little online business which sell some specific products. Current owners already have suppliers that give them a certain retail discount.

The product is quite unique, so there are only a couple of suppliers. I would like to make sure that as a new owner I will be able to have at least the same agreement, if not better, with suppliers.

Do you have any suggestions, how I should go about it? Does anybody have any experience in matters like this?

Obviously, I will tell the sellers that I'm only interested if the suppliers will continue to work with the business, no matter who the owner is. Is it a possibility that they introduce me to suppliers and let them know about the new arrangement? Is this a good practice, or am I really alone on this one and it all depends on how suppliers will like me?

Any suggestion are appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Buying a business - how to keep existing suppliers?

Complete data collection and review of existing learning supplier base. This helps you establish the baseline for further analysis. This could be a very tedious process and some form of automation helps tremendously.


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Posted : 09/12/2009 11:43 am
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Finding a reliable and competitively-priced supplier is vital to the success of any business.


The terms that you negotiate with your supplier need to be based on:

  • the way that you pay them – bank draft, commercial bill paid for by bank, foreign currency
  • potential costs - administration, taxation, transport, general payments and transactions
  • possible risks - late payment to supplier, or faulty, late or undelivered goods

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Posted : 28/04/2022 5:44 am
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Having great suppliers as part of your business improves both your service to your customers as well as your efficiency.

A good relationship with a supplier can also provide you with a much-needed business supporter who can provide a fresh perspective and encourage business to come your way.

After all, if your business is growing, so will your suppliers’ business.

To maintain a great supplier relationship, you have to approach it in the right way.

Posted : 10/05/2022 6:41 am