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Are you going to start a new business:: take a look here

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#Create a brand. Spend a little money to create a professional logo, business card and stationery. Present a professional image.
#Ramp up Online. Make creating a Web site a top priority. A Web site is today’s calling card. You really shouldn’t do without one. Give people a place to go to learn about your business.
#Make Your First Sale. This is key. Get that first sale even if it’s friends or family at a discounted rate. This counts as getting started, so go for it.
#Promote Testimonials. Get testimonials from your first sales. Start building credibility for your business from day one.
#Build Buzz. Be creative. Look for a special promotion, big event, email campaign or something out of the norm for your business to get people talking about you, your product or service

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Topic starter Posted : 13/08/2010 6:26 am
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Re: Are you going to start a new business:: take a look here

For your "build buzz" advice, would you recommend social networking sites?

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Posted : 31/08/2010 10:01 pm