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Tips to Help Deal with Difficult Employees

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• It is vital to act quickly to control a serious situation caused by difficult people in your workplace before the situation gets worse and starts creating problems for other employees.
• While talking to a difficult employee, you should stay calm and adjust yourself according to their personality. Listen to them very carefully and try to understand the whole situation before taking any initiative.
• You should not take actions based on gossip or rumor. Ask short term questions that can’t be answered in one or two words. It will give you a chance to judge the level of their confidence in what they are saying.
• Document and keep record of difficult employee’s mistakes and behavior, it will help you in future to inform the employee he/she is creating problems in the otherwise healthy work atmosphere.
• If you find the work performance is not maintained by him or her you should take steps to inform him about required standards of productivity as well.

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Re: Tips to Help Deal with Difficult Employees

I liked this tips. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.

Posted : 05/07/2012 6:28 am