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The 10 Most Important Retail Technologies

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Here are 10 retail technologies that I believe will give retailers the biggest benefit and boost for success. If you're not utilizing any of these technologies then you might want to check them out because you could be missing out on some big time saving and money making tools...

Here they are in order of importance (in my humble opinion, of course):

1) Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Control Software
2) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
3) Bar Code Scanning and UPC Codes
4) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
5) Retail Accounting Software
6) Store Traffic Counters
7) Graphics Design Software
8) Websites & Shopping Carts
9) Payroll Software
10) Portable Data Terminals (PDT) and Hand Held Computers

Topic starter Posted : 30/12/2016 6:08 pm