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The Innovative Applications of AI in Healthcare  

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a next-gen technology that has the potential to transform every industry. It has life changing implications in healthcare, which can improve outcomes for millions of patients. This blog post explores the different ways in which AI is transforming the healthcare industry.

Predicting premature death

A recent study reveals that artificial intelligence can be used to predict potential health risks that may lead to premature death. It can be achieved by collecting user data of a certain age bracket and analyzing it with machine learning models. The process involves careful investigation and analysis of different data sources associated with people of different age groups.

The predictions are based on the data related to demography, biometrics, lifestyle factors, and dietary habits too. It is possible to use such data for making significant predictions with machine learning algorithms. It is a pivotal measure for predicting potential health issues and preventing them. At Oodles, we are successfully working with several startups to provide such capabilities with the latest machine learning techniques.


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