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Essay on "My Favorite Musical Instrument"


Many people like the sound of melodic instruments, I appreciate the rhythm in music more than anything else, that's why I always get excited when listening to a drum part. I think drums are the heart of any ensemble, because without them and without bass guitar even the most skillfully played composition does not have the power that the use of rhythm section gives it. 



The sound of the drums only seems monotonous at first glance. In reality, it has many shades. In order to become professional musicians, drummers, just as guitarists or pianists, for example, pay for my essay necessarily need to learn musical notation. 



Anyone who has tried sitting at a drum kit at least once has write papers for mone probably been surprised by the large number of all kinds of devices in a drummer's arsenal. There is a hi-hat, a bass drum, a snare drum, a tom-tom, and cymbals of varying diameters. And only the musician himself knows why he needs it all.


I am still just beginning to master the art of playing the drums, but I have already managed to understand how much of a challenge I have ahead of me. In the few months I have been in the music studio I have only managed to learn how to hold the sticks correctly and I can write my capstone project for me barely keep the rhythm when playing the snare drum. But to be able to play even one simple song I have to perform many tasks in sync with all the elements of a drum kit. 



Right now it's hard for me to even dream about that. But I hope that in the future I can learn to play not as well as my idols Phil Collins and Roger Taylor, but I can play professionally enough to play for my friends and acquaintances on stage.


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