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Most Effective Rotary Laser Levels For Grading & Landscaping


In construction and renovation projects, grading is an integral part that you have to find and create a level base for the building part. In this case, an effective rotary laser level is a must-have tool to help you complete your job. That’s why we have gathered a list of the most effective rotary laser levels for grading and landscaping for you to have a look on.

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Top 3 Rotary Laser Levels For Grading Reviews


DeWalt DW074KDT Outdoor Rotary Laser



DeWalt has been notable for its innovative power and measuring tool integrated with advanced technology for a long time. And this DW074KDT rotary laser level is not an exception since it offers everything necessary for grading and landscaping with a pretty affordable price tag. This tool can self-level in a horizontal plane, allowing builders for a quick and easy layout setup while still guaranteeing users a high level of accuracy. For construction use, the tool offers a durable and rugged housing that can withstand any weather conditions while delivering the most accurate measurements.



  • Self-leveling for highly accurate measurements
  • Rugged design to protect the rotary head and to be weatherproof
  • Medium range of 1500 feet outdoors with a receiver.



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Johnson 99-006K Rotary Laser System



In case you are looking for a product with more affordable price, Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K rotary laser level features everything you need for residential construction. Laser beams can be visible up to 200 feet diameter indoors. For exterior applications, there is an additional detector in the kit that you can pair with the tool to get the maximum visibility up to 800 feet diameter, even in broad daylight. Most importantly, this most accurate laser level comes with an integrated pendulum locking system that allows self-leveling for the guaranteed high accuracy. This locking system will also notify users with both audible and visual alarms when the tool is out of level.



  • Horizontal self-leveling for high accuracy
  • Three rotational speeds for optimized the application potential
  • Complete tool kit with an economical price.


Topcon RL-H5A Self Leveling Horizontal Rotary Laser Level

Becoming one of the most innovative measuring models in the market, Topcon RL-H5A offers users all amazing features and a powerful mechanism. This multi-purpose laser level can handle various applications well, but it specifically does an excellent job in constructional grading. Moreover, this top rated laser levels is self-leveling with just a push of a button. Likewise, it can quickly re-level itself in case of disturbance within 5 degrees in just a few seconds, offering users high accuracy for the tasks. With Topcon RL-H5A Rotary Laser Level, you can confidently handle any grading task with minimized chances of costly mistakes due to misaligning. If you are to work regularly with grading and landscaping in large areas, this model will exceed all your expectations. However, it is quite expensive for its limited items included.



  • High accuracy ±1/6 or 1/8 inch at 100 feet
  • Self-leveling for high accuracy within ±5 degrees
  • Long battery life, maximum of 100 hours
  • Extensive working range, maximum of 2600 feet diameter.



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