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Black & Decker's Best Laser Level Under $20


Introduction/Product overview

Need a laser level that'll help you in aligning pictures on the wall, mirrors and shelves or install curtain rods and other domestic items under 20$? Then BLACK+DECKER Laser Level (BDL220S) might be the perfect choice for you to get yourself the best self leveling laser level on the market nowadays.



Here, we thoroughly reviewed the BLACK+DECKER Laser Level (BDL220S) based on top laser level reviews so that this article will help you see all the pros and cons of this device. This laser level tool comes with two bubble vials with backlights for visibility that are provided for maximum accuracy. It also features a 360-degree rotating wall attachment (Dial piece) that can get attached to the wall via nail, and when the device is connected to this attachment, it can project a laser line at any angle. It comes with 2 AA batteries for a small level tool like this. These are the qualities that make this device #1 in the laser lines category on amazon & the best self leveling laser level in its price range.

The thing that I found most amazing about this device is people are using it for doing calligraphy and various art projects since it is easily adjustable, so now they don't have to draw a line with a pencil and erase it again and again for each line.



This laser level is not a self leveling cross line laser so, if you want that laser level, this is not for you, and if you are confused about which laser level is best, you can visit the attached link. Back to the device, the only drawback with this device is when you're using the dial piece of the base, it turns with the level instead of you being able to turn just the level. You're not able to get the angle to an accurate degree.



If you need a laser level for verticals or horizontal lines only, this one would be fine (providing it doesn't move), but if you need to adjust the level for angles, you cannot rely on it. The other problem is batteries, like the newer versions, this device doesn't have a rechargeable feature which makes you change the batteries again and again



  • Easy to adjust
  • Bubble vials for maximum accuracy
  • 360-degree rotating wall attachment to project laser line at any angle
  • Too many features less price


  • The only way to use it without holding it is by poking a hole in the wall.
  • Not rechargeable


Some Helpful Tips

Well, if you are looking for long-term use, then its attachment is not reliable. The nail seems to break after few months of use, but since this kind of device only gets used once or twice in the month so this device still is the best laser level in the market!


Conclusion/Who should buy the machine

From its rating and reviews, this device is the best cheap laser level for a home handyman. Unlike its counterparts, it's easy to use, has so many features and costs so much less. So, if you need a device for doing domestic hanging-related works, this laser level is a big yes! We hope that our review regarding this helps you in deciding whether to buy this product or not.




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