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The table of contents is the second thing the reader of your work sees, also you can use college essay helper. Already on the basis of the content displayed in the abstract, checking the teacher can make a lot of conclusions about the scientific work as a whole.


The content within any scientific work - this is an ordered list of sections with a clear indication of the pages from which they begin this or that part of your work, or get history homework help. Its presence in the work noticeably simplifies the search for the necessary paragraph, chapter or section.

The process does not end at the design according to state requirements. After this a visit to the department for clarifications and corrections is mandatory. It is possible that your university has its own norm, which should be used to design all research papers within the department.


It's simple: the title is placed in the center of the line, and written using capital letters. It is also possible to resort to bold, but only if the other headings in the work are designed in the same way. The section we are considering can also be called a "table of contents". Provided that all parts of the abstract are related to each other.

The main function of the content is to move quickly to the desired section. This is facilitated by clear and unmistakable page numbering. The table of contents itself, again, is on the second page of the paper, immediately after the title page, but it is not numbered, also use site The ordering of the pages themselves begins with the introduction.


A list of all the sections is placed directly under the title. The first in the list is the introduction, which is followed by the chapters of the main part, the paragraphs within them, the conclusion, the list of references, and the appendices.

The names of all sections of the work in the contents are entered on a new line and begin with a capital letter. In front of each - the number of the page, which is the starting point for the section.


Just in case: the names of the titles should not overlap with the main theme of the essay, and the theme of chapters and paragraphs should not repeat each other. The content is responsible for the logic, sequence and structure of the entire work. Conventionally speaking, it can be called the "skeleton" of your research paper. Try to make sure the content is well designed and do not miss any of our recommendations.


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