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face care
face care
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Here is a list of the most popular EMS facial equipment recommendations. Because it can provide stimulation and vibration that cannot be obtained through massage, it is ideal for treating lack of facial elasticity and face lines.

It is a wearable type with a novel design that has never been seen before, and its low frequency of 20 to 100 Hz provides moderate stimulation to facial muscles, thoroughly addressing wrinkles and sagging. It stimulates muscles from all angles, making it ideal for lifting up facial lines. The wearable type also allows you to use both hands freely.

BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus

Cell Cure is famous for being used by celebrities and beauty experts. This is an excellent product that can do cleansing, beauty treatment, microcurrent, and exercise in one. Each mode uses a different type of electricity, and they all work together to fill in details that cannot be taken care of by human hands. The price is high, but you can get a full-fledged care like an esthetician at home.

el Denki Bali Brush

Popular among hair and makeup artists, this electric burr brush has 32 pin heads and is shaped like a hairbrush. This one uses low frequency to approach stiffness and blood circulation in the scalp and face. It also has an LED esthetic function, which is great for skin care at the same time. It is easy to operate, just wet the area you want to use it on and gently stroke it.

Cannamdor ELFACE

A facial device made by a Korean beauty equipment manufacturer, ELFACE uses low frequency waves that match the unique ecological rhythms of the body to improve facial lines and skin elasticity. The intensity can be adjusted in 15 steps according to the condition of your skin. It does not require gel, making it easy and attractive to use. The lightweight design also makes it easy to carry around when traveling or going out.


A facial care device that focuses on the connection between the muscles of the head and face. It provides scalp care and face care in one. In scalp mode, the 12 electrode pins output a unique low-frequency EMS to stimulate the head muscles, which tend to become stiff. In the face mode, 22 flexible pins with multi-point electrodes output low and medium frequencies in a complex manner to give you a refreshed facial appearance.



face care
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