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Where to find customers....

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Dear members..
I am freelance worker, and want to earn some handsome amount from internet...
i can do jobs from PDF editing to graphics designing...

how can i find buyers for my services


Topic starter Posted : 25/09/2012 7:07 am
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Re: Where to find customers....

Why don't you register for the various freelance sites like Odesk and Elance? That seems to be the most direct approach.

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Posted : 26/09/2012 8:41 pm
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Re: Where to find customers....

If you are looking for a client about graphic design just register to some online jobs site. Odesk and Elance are some of the websites that offered online jobs. I have friends that are also fond of graphic designs and now they have projects about designing some promotional products in Brisbane. They got that project form Odesk.

Posted : 08/11/2012 3:10 am
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Re: Where to find customers....


I think you should first become a member of a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter and then advertise about your business. Start promoting your write up in facebook and send friend request who check out your blogs. You can also take help from Google to get customers.

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Posted : 23/11/2012 11:46 am
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Re: Where to find customers....

There are many freelancer sites available online with multiple options, to choose according to your expectation. In that you can get clients specific. Also you can go with social media sites to share about your services.

Posted : 30/11/2012 8:44 am
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Re: Where to find customers....

Setup your own website. Promote your website to get more clients. There are several websites where you can offer your services. Join them.

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Posted : 29/01/2013 12:19 pm
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Re: Where to find customers....

Now these days customer comes through internet and shop also through this process, so online shopping is the best and perfect for you.

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Posted : 08/03/2013 10:05 am
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There are a number of things you can do to get more clients. 1. Set up a new website that's dedicated to offering graphic design services to professional service companies. 2. Register accounts in well-known freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer etc. 3. Check big sites such as Craigslist, which are great for finding both business and personal clients who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Posted : 19/02/2019 12:26 pm
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To find clients you have to go where they are likely to be found.

I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but there are many groups on Facebook for examples that you can join and begin getting graphic design projects.

You also can also extend price discounts to clients who buy from you or provide free trials if you have a website. In so doing clients will flock back to you if you provide highly quality work.

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Posted : 28/08/2019 8:48 am
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Today it's really easy with a bunch of services for that. If you can do graphic design it's not that hard to find an employer for that field.

Posted : 07/11/2019 3:30 pm
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Aside from making yourself available on various sites, putting your work somewhere like Facebook and Instagram can be a potential way to customers.

Posted : 05/12/2019 12:49 pm
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For the kind of work you do, freelancer sites are probably the best way to go.

Posted : 03/01/2020 2:56 pm