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Top Easy Ways to Find Customers

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Many people assume, customer prospecting is often likened to fishing only with sticks and fishing lines. Once the fishing line thrown into rivers or the sea, will attract bait fish. What is often forgotten is to choose a location to throw the hook and bait the fish likes. In the case of select fishing spots, for example, you need to specify the criteria your customers.
Lets look at 4 ways you can get your first client or add to your already steady stream of business.
1.1. Advertising. The key to advertising successfully is to generate promising leads in exchange for the money you spend. To do so, it helps to offer a message that not only hits on your target customers, but also showcases the value you can offer them.

Take television, for example. In general, TV will be your most expensive option. But targeting based on programming instead of channels or networks -- that is, placing ads on Cooking with Joe vs. a campaign on a cooking network -- offers a more specific outlet for your resources.

Radio also allows you to selectively target formats and programming. And even in large metro areas, you can often score inexpensive sponsorships of weather or traffic reports.

2.2. Networking and referrals. Landing referrals from networking or past business associations isn't just a cheap way to pick up new business. It's also a way to pick up customers with the highest retention rates. What's more, referral customers tend to purchase more over time and in turn become a source of additional referrals.

How do you find referrals? Beyond having a product or service that's in demand, you must have a clear idea of who your "perfect" or "ideal" customer is.

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Re: Top Easy Ways to Find Customers

Customers are king for the business. there are many online and offline ways to attract more customers. offer samples of your product to your potential customers, online advertising, direct mailing and business cards are the best ways to find new customers.

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Posted : 17/08/2011 10:20 am
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Re: Top Easy Ways to Find Customers

Thanks for showing your Top Easy Ways to Find Customers, and telling that with advertising you need to showcase the value you can offer.....,

'Talking about showcasing the value...,'

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Re: Top Easy Ways to Find Customers

These are good ways to find customers and I think you can also find them on internet because most of people spent their time on internet and basically on social media sites. So you can approach them on famous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, etc.

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Re: Top Easy Ways to Find Customers

Forums are also good place for advertisement instead of discussion place but you need to be respected member in any particular forum for better result.

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Posted : 16/01/2012 10:32 pm
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  1. Make your online presence very strong by using social media platforms. Use the available tools at your disposal.
  2. List your business in local citation sites available to you.
  3. Make use of Google My Business and Bing for Business. Gives you free advertising and makes it easier for customers to be aware of and locate your business.
  4. Advertise; both electronic and print.
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