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Logo Design - Things to Keep in Mind

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Generally, the best ideas are simple and plain. Many business organizations create or buy their own elaborate logo with multiple parts and colors. This makes printing of logo both expensive and complicated. Complicated and sophisticated logos cloud the mind whereas simple logos are very easy to remember. Nike and A&T logos are example of very simple and very well known logos. Both of them have simple design and have plain letters in one color which makes them easy to remember and helps in recalling the brand.

Visibility: Visibility is one more aspect on which logos are judged. You can think of several companies that you drive by regularly and their sign boards are very colorful and very wordy but too small which makes it difficult to see and that's the reason why you don't remember their names. More importantly you don't even know what they sell and because of this you can't recommend to your friend also. Have you ever seen a company name in a script on a sign? It's unreadable.

Logos should be designed on the common company name. For example if the company name is "Maria's Thai Restaurant" and its common name is "Maria" then it would be better to make logo out of word "Maria" in one color, bold with words being very clear. It's not recommendable to make the logo using the alphabets M, T and R as people will call it Maria's only and not MTR.

Simple is best: Imagine a situation in which company becomes a globally known corporation then you would expect logo to lend itself to that. It is quite obvious that name "Maria's Thai Restaurant" won't be the name of the globally acclaimed company. Better name could be "Maria's Thai Range". This name gives a feel of quality, fame, and sales at national and global level. Now the question arises what should be the logo type? It's recommended always to have plain and simple logo for such big companies (though here it is just in the imagination). A clean and neatly carved graphic would be ok. A logo of Thai food cartoon won't work in this case.

Uniformity: Always keeps the same design. Generally new companies find difficult to find and hire a designer and ultimately they opt not hire any designer. This condition can be OK for such company but what if when company is big and its name is always there in print. It would be best in the company's interest to always use the same font logo in bold fashion. Logo should be such that which can help clients of the companies to associate themselves with the company. A change of logo can create the confusion in the mind of customer; they may find difficulty in recognizing the company after the change.

The foremost important rule of logo design is that your logo should be in the one color, simple, bold and easy to read. So, for designing the logo for your organization, it would be in your favor to keep the above points in mind.

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Re: Logo Design - Things to Keep in Mind

I like the idea "simple is best" because I like the simplicity of any logo. It attracts attention and people will have a positive impression.

Paul@ Design a logo

Posted : 29/07/2011 4:06 am
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@julianskym I agree with what you have covered. One should remember that your business logo is your identity from other brands. You should take great care when designing one. You should know why you are picking certain colours and why they matter. By the end of it, don't complicate it for the sake of looking unique, you might end up overdoing and further confusing your customers. keep it simple.

Posted : 18/03/2021 2:35 pm
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In Identity design and logo design. Simplicity wins out. You have to realize that people have enough clutter in their lives. They need no complicated things. You have to be simple and memorable. Creativity spices this out. Talking more with less.

I agree with you all. Aim at doing a simple design, minimal and relevant.

Posted : 31/03/2021 9:17 am
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I've learned a lot from Chris Do.He's very good at these things.

Posted : 08/04/2021 2:18 pm
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The idea was presented clearly. Simple logos are often easily recognized, incredibly memorable and the most effective in conveying the requirements of the client. Also, A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable.

Posted : 17/09/2021 3:01 pm
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6 tips to help make you logo design stand out:

  • Know your audience.
  • Be unique, be yourself.
  • Don't make it as well complicated.
  • Consider negative space.
  • Understand your logo's meaning.
  • Color is one of the foremost important viewpoints of a logo.
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Posted : 06/05/2022 5:36 pm
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Benefits of Logo in a Business

  1. Makes a great first impression
  2. Gives your business an identity
  3. Projects a professional image

Anyone starting a business should get a logo because it helps them create a memorable brand identity. A logo is the keystone to your brand. No matter what kind of brand or business you run, having a professional-designed logo is essential. Your audience won't be able to recognize your company without a logo. You need to design a logo that stands out among your competitors. For example, Jumac Can is one of the leading spinning can manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. And there are many companies who are doing the same. How a buyer will identify your company among there competitors? Simply by your Brand Name and LOGO.

Words are not enough to convey what a brand has to offer, and words are difficult to memorize. As the age old saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words. Brands need to be memorable. Their visual identity should be unique so people can identify them quickly.

Jumac Maufacturing

Posted : 10/05/2022 7:06 am
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A logo is essential for anybody launching a company since it aids in the creation of a recognizable brand identity. A logo is the cornerstone of your company's identity. A professional-designed logo is required regardless of the kind of brand or company you own. Without a logo, your audience will be unable to identify your business. You need to create a logo that sticks out from the crowd. For example, is a prominent spinning can producer and supplier in the globe. Many other businesses are doing the same thing. How would a buyer recognize your firm amid its competitors? 

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